Denodo Platform goes beyond every other data virtualization solution

The Denodo Platform is industry’s only data virtualization platform that offers all the necessary capabilities of a logical data fabric – an active data catalog for semantic search and enterprise wide data governance, industry leading smart query acceleration powered by AI, automated cloud infrastructure management for multi-cloud and hybrid scenarios and embedded data preparation capabilities for self-service analytics, to help bridge the gap between IT and business.

Why Kestral Digital and Denodo?

With the advent of cloud and big-data technologies, many companies are modernizing their data infrastructures. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, as many companies shift the focus to digital interactions with customers. In particular, companies in the public sector, from energy and utilities, to finance, to defense, have been called upon to radically transform into primarily digital organizations.

Often, organizations store data across a wide variety of different systems, and they are integrated via a system of extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes that copy the data, at periodic intervals, into a data warehouse for reporting. This is a tried-and-true strategy for integrating data within large organizations.

Unfortunately, this strategy impedes digital transformation, and this is due to five key challenges:

Because ETL processes deliver data in scheduled batches, they cannot deliver data in real time, so they cannot be seamlessly orchestrated with modern, real-time data sources.

During digital transformation activities, such as migrating data from on-premises systems to cloud systems, organizations often have to suffer downtime, resulting in interrupted service.

ETL scripts need to be re-written, re-tested, and re-deployed in order to accommodate new data sources.

Often, key repositories are required to remain on-premises, and organizations lack effective ways to manage both cloud and on-premises systems, simultaneously.

Public sector organizations need technology solutions that can assist with the above challenges, but they also need to work with people who understand the unique needs of public sector organizations.


Working together, Kestral Digital and Denodo enable companies to overcome each of these challenges, so they can engage in profound digital transformations that accelerate data access and meet their unique goals, all without having to replace existing hardware.


What can you do with Kestral Digital and Denodo?

With Kestral Digital + Denodo, companies can:

Unify all data, including data from existing data warehouses, and make it available in real time

Engage in data infrastructure modernization projects, such as migrations to the cloud, with zero downtime

Reduce reliance on ETL processes

Implement hybrid data infrastructures that provide simultaneous access to data across on-premises and cloud systems

Leverage a team of business consultants with extensive vertical experience

Denodo Platform Architecture
The Denodo Platform connects to a myriad of data sources, combining and publishing data in business-friendly form to multiple consumers.


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10 things to know about Data Virtualization

Benefits of Data VirtualizationUnique capabilities to build a data-driven organization


Easy access to all types of data

Full data integration and data modeling capabilities

Active Data Catalog and self-service capabilities for data & metadata discovery and data preparation

Full data security and data governance capabilities



Fast intelligent execution of data queries

Real-time data delivery in any format

Ability to create data marketplaces

Decoupling of business applications from data systems to facilitate data-driven strategies



On premises, cloud and multi-cloud interoperability

Encapsulation of legacy systems

What Denodo Brings

The Denodo Platform uses data virtualization to connect data consumers with disparate sources of data in real time, without having to physically move any data from its existing location. The Denodo Platform sits in a layer between data consumers and the various data sources. The platform itself contains no data, but only the metadata required to access each source, and the platform shields consumers from this complexity. By presenting data consumers with a real-time view across myriad disparate sources, data consumers can access a single version of the truth, and query across the heterogeneous sources without having to understand their different requirements. With the Denodo Platform, new sources can be added relatively quickly, including emerging data storage architectures such as cloud or big data sources. Because the Denodo Platform supports a wide variety of legacy and modern data sources, it modernizes data infrastructures without forcing organizations to replace existing investments, including traditional data warehouses, data marts, or ETL processes.